Eagle Industrial Painting has CAS Field Application of Coatings Complex Structures Certifications for SSPC-QP 1 and CAS Industrial Hazardous Paint Removal Certification for SSPC-QP 2. Click on either link to download.

SSPC established the Coating Application Specialist (CAS) Certification Program for industrial painters in 2008 in order to strengthen the qualifications of the current workforce and lay the groundwork for development of a strong industrial painter work force for the decades to follow.

The CAS program offers the highest level of professional recognition for all industrial painters. It accomplishes this by independently assessing the unique skills of individual industrial painters by evaluating their ability to successfully perform abrasive blast cleaning and spray painting operations.

SSPC believes that the development of a strong industrial painter workforce will go a long way toward improving the quality of surface preparation and protective coating application and promote safe work practices. CAS helps contractors retain a qualified workforce and provides craftworkers with opportunities for advancement.

The CAS program is based on the requirements of SSPC ACS-1/NACE 13, a standard published jointly in 2008 by SSPC and NACE International. ACS-1 defines training and experience requirements that a tradesperson must have in order to qualify to be assessed for certification.